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Saturday, 04 April 2015

V.A. - Suomi Warrior

V.A. - Suomi Warrior

In ancient times, in the lands of Scandinavia, were many brave and courageous Suomi warriors.

But there was one, of whom composed legends for centuries. He was fearless, strong, clever, generous, predicting the future and could communicate with the spirits of nature. Nobody win him in the battle. With magical knowledge, our hero could transform the sand into the water and fire into the snow.

This legend tells the exploits of the great Soumi warrior.

Sound Kitchen Records VA - Suomi Warrior

1. Shiwa 2000 - Paivan Jalkeen
2. Kaiku - Orientation Station 
3. Scum Unit - Technocide
4. Discolin - Asahi Overdose
5. Kirna - Planetary Pinball
6. Sonic Bandits - Kummitusjuna
7. Club Kooma - Gum 25
8. DDA - Memo
9. Eraser - Cliquid
10. Melufantti - Cockroach Horror
11. Puoskari - Polka Dots Kamely 
12. Kyril & Eskobar - Justin Desert (Remix)

Compilled by Pecheneg & Spuge User
Mastering by Renegade Master


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