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Thursday, 20 October 2016

Ruohotukka - Shoganai EP - OUT NOW !!!

Ruohotukka - Shoganai EP - OUT NOW !!!


Sound Kitchen Records Presents ✮Ruohotukka-Shōganai✮,

a debut EP strongly influenced by Finnish sounds that have been part of Ruohotukka's fate including remixes of classic master pieces created by "Mandalavandalz" and ''Lemon Slide''.

Collaborating with Mexican talented Ruoho´s Crew such as,

✮Hasmodai✮ in charge of Mastering engineering,

✮Mike Brie - an amazing guitar player that immediately felt part of the idea and perfectly identified,

✮Karla Nuñez de Madariaga - a wonderful Maija singer adding her own vocal style and technique 

✮Audrey Pemora- Koala Whore original idea based on drug induced utopias and life disorientation of a young koala are shattered when his addictions run deeper creating chaos everywhere. 


and Starring ✮James Watkins - The craziest sound engineer full of brilliant and unique skills, recording voice over as ''Joho Glitterlips'' the main character of ''Koala Whore''


Accepting your Fate

"in every journey, who you travel with can be more important than your destination".

with love Ruohotukka  <3

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