Fonari Fonari Fonari Fonari


Vitaliy Krutyh aka Shum got into DJing swamp back in 1999, when he and his friend found two turntables Technics and a bunch of records, digging potatoes in the kitchen-garden. Shum decided not to waste a time. He took a beer, Gemini mixer, and Anatoly Kashpirovsky’s video, started DJing in a meditative state.

The first success came in 2000 at a high-school discotheques. In 2007, accidentally Vitaly gets Finnish plate from musical project “Lemon Slide”, and since that time, he goes into head-fanatics Finnish asceticism. 1 April 2015 Shum receives an offer to join the SoundKitchen Rec. team and become a label dj.

  • https://www.mixcloud.com/Shum82/