Fonari Fonari Fonari Fonari


The music of this alien defies any description and scope, causing different feelings, from delight to complete surprise.

Once his flying saucer landed in the dense forests of Ukraine, and the stranger, overheard by divine sounds of Suomi Saundi and Morning Psy. The aircraft flew to the coast of Odessa, where broken, leaving for a long time our stranger in this land. Wearing over human clothing, and become like, as ordinary citizen of planet Earth, he took the nickname "Pecheneg", and nowadays carries a universal positive music notes and unbridled joy on the dancefloors in Ukraine and abroad.

Eventually Alien repaired his spaceship. So today, sometimes, flying saucer, of a small humanoid, arrived in different parts of the planet, after which all present permeate vibration funny psychedelic sound.

  • https://soundcloud.com/nepecheg