Fonari Fonari Fonari Fonari
One clear, sunny day, two young chefs met on a mountain meadow to the sounds of a funny morning trance. And this music is so infused into their body and spirit, that happiness and joy of this guys, was unlimited! Dance enough acquainted with the mass and openminded people, they realized themselves to be agents of positive vibrations and make people happy, seeing their blessed faces only a smile.
Arriving home, gaining more fresh and healthy products, to close their kitchen, guys began to invent and prepare meals. They prepared so much so carried away that they have prepared a lot of delicious dishes. Realizing that much food do they eat, our heroes decided to share the joy with everyone and to prepare a new, vibrant and delicious.
So, running an infinite chain to create, positive energy, nowadays,two cheerful chef with great joy prepare their best gourmet meals for you!