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  • Published: 12.08.17 Babruix - Secret Ingredient - OUT NOW!!!

    Babruix - Secret Ingredient - OUT NOW!!!



    In 2025 internet-stalkers have found on the Deep Web and issued a password-protected archive with recipes of secret dishes, each of which can give a person a unique set of abilities. The best scientists tried to access the archive, but the attempt was not succeed. And seemingly everyone was close to the recipe giving strength and inspiration, but no one has been able to solve the secret. However, working on the deciphering the cryptographic key didn’t stop…


    1. Abiegoas

    2. Forgotten Stabs

    3. Galin Sinogen

    4. Goatish Start

    5. Notes Of Crasy Sky

    6. Organic Wave

    7. Phryakaphry

    8. Uporica World

    9. Unity As a Whole


    Music: Alexey Romanov

    Digital Editing: Overdream Studio

    Cover: https://www.facebook.com/slujo






  • Babruix - Secret Ingredient - Preview Tracks!

    Babruix - Secret Ingredient - Preview Tracks!


    <<< Demo-tracks from new stuff "Babruix - Secret Ingredient" @ Sound Kitchen Rec >>>

    [ Release Date: 12.08.17 ]



  • Published: 20.10.16 Ruohotukka - Shoganai EP - OUT NOW !!!

    Ruohotukka - Shoganai EP - OUT NOW !!!


    Sound Kitchen Records Presents ✮Ruohotukka-Shōganai✮,

    a debut EP strongly influenced by Finnish sounds that have been part of Ruohotukka's fate including remixes of classic master pieces created by "Mandalavandalz" and ''Lemon Slide''.

    Collaborating with Mexican talented Ruoho´s Crew such as,

    ✮Hasmodai✮ in charge of Mastering engineering,

    ✮Mike Brie - an amazing guitar player that immediately felt part of the idea and perfectly identified,

    ✮Karla Nuñez de Madariaga - a wonderful Maija singer adding her own vocal style and technique 

    ✮Audrey Pemora- Koala Whore original idea based on drug induced utopias and life disorientation of a young koala are shattered when his addictions run deeper creating chaos everywhere. 


    and Starring ✮James Watkins - The craziest sound engineer full of brilliant and unique skills, recording voice over as ''Joho Glitterlips'' the main character of ''Koala Whore''


    Accepting your Fate

    "in every journey, who you travel with can be more important than your destination".

    with love Ruohotukka  <3

  • Published: 09.09.16 Ruohotukka - Shoganai EP - PREVIEW

    Ruohotukka - Shoganai EP - PREVIEW



  • Jackpot Saundi

    Jackpot Saundi

    Cамый большой финский куш!

    35 kwt Ampersound

    Tres Lost Amigos (Antiscarp Rec) - LIVE
    Shiwa 2000 (Hippie Killer Prod) - LIVE
    Omitomi (Trance Bum, Antiscarp Rec, Nullzone Rec) - LIVE

    Ugorian (Hippie Killer Productions, Sick Liver Records)
    Hare (Antiscarp Rec)
    Shum (Sound Kitchen Rec)
    Spuge User (Sound Kitchen Rec)
    Pecheneg (Sound Kitchen Rec)

    5 kwt Ampersound

    Elkin and Friends...

    Мы запускаем 1й этап предпродажи
    Первые 50 билетов по 500руб.
    Вы можете оплатить переводом на карту 
    Сбербанка 4276 4000 5271 0622 
    После оплаты сохраните чек и пришлите его на почту
    alex@silentevents.ru с уточнинием ФИО или ника, 
    как Вас внести в список. P.s. Среди 50 счастливчиков в конце мероприятия будет проведена лотерея с ценными призами!

  • Published: 30.04.16 Kirna - Catling Gun EP

    Kirna - Catling Gun EP

    Five years has passed since previous extended play has been released by Kirna. More importantly, 15 years has passed since this project was born. To celebrate the anniversary, Sound Kitchen Records unleashes a free EP containing three party-banging cuts. First track "Tsaari" features greasy sample from upcoming Finnish rapper "Synkkis" describing how he rolls at raves. Second track "Huudeille" flies you straight to the hoods with a definitive Suomi-full-on styling. Last but not least the final track "Voshod" is a funky tale that takes you from sunset to late night spiced up with rockabilly guitar solo and whatnot. Peace!


    1. Tsaari 05:00

    2. Huudeille 05:48

    3. Voshod 05:57






  • Published: 04.04.15 V.A. - Suomi Warrior

    V.A. - Suomi Warrior

    In ancient times, in the lands of Scandinavia, were many brave and courageous Suomi warriors.

    But there was one, of whom composed legends for centuries. He was fearless, strong, clever, generous, predicting the future and could communicate with the spirits of nature. Nobody win him in the battle. With magical knowledge, our hero could transform the sand into the water and fire into the snow.

    This legend tells the exploits of the great Soumi warrior.

    Sound Kitchen Records VA - Suomi Warrior

    1. Shiwa 2000 - Paivan Jalkeen
    2. Kaiku - Orientation Station 
    3. Scum Unit - Technocide
    4. Discolin - Asahi Overdose
    5. Kirna - Planetary Pinball
    6. Sonic Bandits - Kummitusjuna
    7. Club Kooma - Gum 25
    8. DDA - Memo
    9. Eraser - Cliquid
    10. Melufantti - Cockroach Horror
    11. Puoskari - Polka Dots Kamely 
    12. Kyril & Eskobar - Justin Desert (Remix)

    Compilled by Pecheneg & Spuge User
    Mastering by Renegade Master


  • Published: 28.02.14 V.A. - “Beyond The Tuubi” - Out Now!!!

    V.A. - “Beyond The Tuubi” - Out Now!!!

    V.A. - “Beyond The Tuubi” - Out Now!!!


  • Published: 08.02.14 Sound Kitchen Records T-Shirts

    Sound Kitchen Records T-Shirts

    New t-shorts to compillation V.A. - Beyond The Tuubi @ Sound Kitchen Records

    Design: Ant-Ti


  • Published: 29.12.13 V.A. - Beyond The Tuubi

    V.A. - Beyond The Tuubi

    Hey, dear Suomi Saundi and Freeform Psytrance sounds lovers! Sound Kitchen Records proudly present their first compillation - “Beyond The Tuubi”. Let the cold winter days our debute release will warm you with funky grooves, pumping beats, blasted soundz, strange and colourfull melodies by the finnish masters of rocking dancefloors. Immerse yourself into Soumi Saundi journey in all its glory!

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